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Thread: Can you use XML to get stock quote information from Yahoo?

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    Can you use XML to get stock quote information from Yahoo?

    Hi there. I'm new to web programming, and would like to write an application capable of retrieving market quote information from Yahoo? I believe this should be done in XML, though I have no idea how to go about it. Could someone please help me with this?

    Thanks in advance. I posted this question in "General" but nobody there knows how to do it either.

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    XML itself has nothing to do with getting the stock qoutes.Its the application that uses XML file to retrieve data from.

    If a server(it could be yahoo) serves data in XML format then your application may read that XML file and print it as desired.



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    Thanks, khalidali63. Another part of my questions is, how can I write an application that can tell yahoo the quote I'm looking for? Doing this manually is easy: I just go to finance.yahoo.com, enter a ticker, and press "get quote". How can I automate this process?

    Thanks again.

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    This probably wouldn't use XML at all. You have to get that data from the form, and Yahoo probably won't allow you to use their database and/or bandwidth. So you'd be better off making your own server-side script.
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    Just spotted this while "shopping" for scripts. Don't know if it works, but it might be worth your while to look. Give you a place to start anyway

    Get Stock Quote's - joeaic
    This little script will grab stock quote info from finance.yahoo.com. The script is kind of crude. Something I wrote while learning php.



    Here's one more. Best of luck.....

    Stock Information Retrieval (c.ticker.php) jmp1024
    This class will retrieve information from Yahoo's finance site and put it into a nice, usable, class variable for you to use elsewhere at your leisure. Example usage is in the class comments.

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