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Thread: Stand Alone Player Question

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    Stand Alone Player Question

    I am making a site for a band, they want a stand alone player for some sample songs, any suggestions will be greatly appriciated, programs, anything.


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    Stand alone player?
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    A player that I can have on the site, like not being windows media player, or apple, or real player, just like one that i will make all the buttons for an stuff

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    For that you have a few options.

    You could probably do it with a Java Applet. For this, you would want to be familiar with java AWT programming.

    Similarly, you could probably use Macromedia Flash.

    The other option is to embed something like windows media player in your page, but hidden, and use javascript to control play, pause, stop, etc.

    None of these approaches is as good in the long run as just putting up links to the sound files and letting people play them how they want.
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