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Thread: Flash file size?

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    Flash file size?

    I want to do a intro to my webpage using Flash. The only problem I am having is the file size, no matter what I do, I can not seem make the file to be less then 2 meg for 10 seconds.

    To me, that size is abit to large, and I was wondering if there is anything I am missing to make the file size alot smaller.

    I have set the size to 550x400, at 12 frames per second(would rather have 15 FPS).

    I am kinda new to Flash, so, if I am missing something compeltly simple, please tell me.


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    Keep your Jpeg quality down as 12 FPS 120 frames, and get rid of extra unneeded layers
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    It really depends what you are doing... you haven't told us much about your file. What is making the file so big? Sound files? Graphics?

    You probably want to add a preloader to the beginning of your file. That way, the user gets a visual representation of how much of the movie is loaded and how much remains. Google will give you a lot of results if you need a tutorial.

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    If you have sounds make sure they are streamed and not attached to an event
    better still don't include them instead use a loadsound() event.

    If your content has a great deal of vector type animation there are several
    3rd party apps for compressing it (flash2.be swf compressor sorenson squeeze)

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