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Thread: NOTE: Please don't call your thread "Need help"

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    NOTE: Please don't call your thread "Need help"

    Here's a quick sample of some bad names for threads:

    "Need help!", "Noob needs help!", "How do you do this?", "Driving me crazy!"...

    Why are they bad names? Well, because they really don't tell anyone what the thread is about. Most threads are started by people who need help, so stating that you need help in the title is pretty pointless.

    I strongly recommend giving your new thread a descriptive title for a few reasons...

    Firstly, it will help you get a faster response to your question/problem. If you give your thread a descriptive title - one which actually tells those of us who hang around here lending a hand what your problem is - we are more likely to try to help you. If I see a thread title with a problem that I'm pretty sure I can help with, I'll go to that first. Simple. This goes for your initial post too. Try to include all the relevant detail, which usually means the code or a link. Personally, I prefer a link to the problem page as then I know I have the whole picture - I can see what everything - including the images - looks like, whether or not there's a DTD at the top of the page and so on. It also allows me to download the page if necessary and play with it. Sometimes, I think I know the answer to the problem, but I think it's best to test it out first - in different browsers - before posting an answer. Not including a link hinders you.

    Secondly, using a descriptive, meaningful thread title will help others who browse and search the forums. Webdeveloper.com is a valuable database of experience for so many people. When people have a problem, the first thing they (should) do is search the forum for a thread which may solve it. If the user searches the forum but all (s)he can find is big lists of threads entitled things like 'need help', 'noob needs help' and 'how do I do this?' then (s)he could spend all day going through threads that have very little to do with his/her problem. If all of the threads actually say what they're about in the title, life will be a lot easier for everyone.

    Thirdly, unhelpful titles bug the hell out of me.

    So there you have it - thinking about the title of a new thread before you post your problem will help you, help others and make my life a tiny bit better.

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    Title: How to Submit a Question (Please Read)

    As we at Webdeveloper wish to help you in the most effective and expedient fashion possible, you can help us do so by providing some basic information in your post body and title as well as follow some general posting guidelines.

    Titles Because we receive many queries per day, each with its own unique solution, it's imperative that we can get a general understanding of your problem, before even reading your post.

    Titles such as "Newbie Question" or "Need Help!!!" make it harder for us to understand and solve your problems, whereas titles like "Problem with <embed> tag src="" Value" or "Having Trouble with Frames and Link Targets" allow those of us in the forum with expertise in those areas to respond more quickly and solve your problems.

    Body Content Just as the title needs to summarize your problem, your post needs to expand on that summary. It is in your own interest to be as accurate and succinct in your description by clearly explaining your problem, while not including irrelevant information. 'relevant information' includes:

    • A description of your question or conflict
    • What browser the problem is occuring on (if applicable)
    • An elaboration on how it arose
    • A link to the page where the problem is occuring (if possible)
    • Any other information that may be related to solving the problem, such as
    • what steps you have taken to solve your problem or conditions that may have led to it

    HTML Please post only the relevant portions of your code, using the proper formatting, rather than the entire pages-worth of HTML as it only clutters and lengthens your post, making it harder to assist you.

    We understand the stress and constraints associated with webdevelopment, and following these simple guidelines will help us at Webdeveloper assist you in the most beneficial manner possible.

    Thank you for your time,

    -The Webdeveloper.com HTML Forum
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    Please post only the relevant portions of your code, using the proper formatting, rather than the entire pages-worth of HTML as it only clutters and lengthens your post, making it harder to assist you.
    When posting any code, always use the apropriate tags to format it properly.

    For HTML use the [html] tags. Also use these for languages that have a very similar syntax, i.e. XML

    For PHP use the [php] tags. Also use these for languages with a very similar syntax i.e. Javascript, C or C++

    For other codes or scripts use the [code] tags. This are generally useful for CSS or ASP.
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