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Thread: Link to open page at a certain point?

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    Link to open page at a certain point?

    Hi i was wondering whether anyone could help me.

    I have a website and on the home page i have a link to direct people to a different page on the website but then once they have finished reading this page i would like a link back to the homepage but to a certain point on the page e.g a 1/4 of the way down, as the page is quite long. Does anyone understand what im saying or have i not explained that very well?

    Presumable i would need a link on the page but then i would need to insert some code on the home page to know which part i want to open it at?
    Anyway im just guessing as i haven't really got a clue.

    So any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance


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    HTML Code:
    <p>Check out <a href="page2.htm#section3">section 3 of page 2</a>! Aint that just hoopy?</p>
    That'll link to page2.htm and then tell the browser to scroll down to the element (such as a header) that has the id of section3. e.g.
    HTML Code:
    <h2 id="section3">Section 3: Best of one and two</h2>

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    Thanks for your help.
    It works now

    I appreciate it


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