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Thread: user interface for xml doc?

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    user interface for xml doc?


    Is it possible to create a user interface for an xml doc? I am creating a simple xml app and my users don't want to have to look at the code, but want to enter the data into an interface. Can someone point me in the right direction as to how to research how to do this? Would this be done in an xsl, etc.? Does anyone know of any code which was already written which I could look at as an example? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Xsl consists of three parts: Xslt, Xpath, Xsl-fo.

    None of these languages can be used to "update" an xml document.

    To my knowledge, you will require some server-side programming to achieve your task.

    There should be many examples of how to update xml documents with server-side programming on the internet.

    You can also ask in the .net forum, as I am sure Microsoft will have a very simple way to manipulate xml documents.

    Good luck.

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