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Thread: Mysterious dissappearing link text

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    Mysterious dissappearing link text

    Greetings all,

    I have a handful of simple anchor tags, for example:

    <a href="url.html">Some Text</a>

    But when I view the pages, the links don't show up. When I do "view source" from the browser, the links appear like this:

    <a href="url.html"></a>

    Note the link text is gone!

    I have noticed this on a handful of links on a few different web pages. I cannot find any commonality between the pages that exhibit this problem.

    The text is there in the original files. I can telnet into the server and verify that the link text is intact.

    Figuring that I must be viewing some strange cached version of these pages, I purged the cache. Same result. I even try another browser (firefox and IE) - both give the same result. I re-uploaded the files to the server, and even changed the link text - still broke.

    Even stranger - after a few panicked hours I discovered that this problem is unique to my machine (XP Pro SP2). The problem web pages display just fine from any other computer.

    Any ideas?


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    I imagine you have some ad blocking software that has picked up on your link text and doesn't like it so it's taking it out before it reaches your browser.

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    Thumbs up You da man!

    Thank you tree-mon! Norton Ineternet Security Ad Blocking was the culprit. I can see no rhyme or reason why it decides to block these specific set of links. But I am able to configure it to ignore my webiste. Thanks again!

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