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Thread: liquid layouts with a fixed columns?

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    liquid layouts with a fixed columns?

    i DO get what they are... but explain something to me first, please:

    besides just the designer wanting more content above the "fold", the purpose is for what? handheld computers?

    if so, the screens usually aren't 800x600 or up are they? ive never seen one, and imagine them to hold about half that or a significantly smaller resolution... ?

    so if they are really small resolutions, then i see why fixed layouts are bad... but if they are bad, then why do a lot of people use fixed column sizes with their liquid layouts? wouldn't that rather defy the point?

    im so confused, sorry...

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    ok, to make this simplier: is a design still considered liquid if there is a fixed column width?

    example: tatemodern style on http://adactio.com


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    You are using all in ratio or % then it is liquid
    you are using all in fixed , then it is fixed design
    you are using both o' these as in nested cells , u r using a complx stuff

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