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    Angry DNS Management

    Does anyone understand domain management? I have just bought a dedicated server and even using Ensim I am struggling. I can't get my domains to resolve. I have minor bits of information if anyone has any ideas...

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    I use ensim myself, you need to configure Bind.

    When you got your dedicated server, your host would have given you two IP numbers.

    create nameservers out of your domain name and point them at the IP numbers issued to you.

    ns1.yourdomain.com >>> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    ns1.yourdomain.com >>> xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

    this will take 24-48 hours to resolve.

    Log into your server control panel as administrator, click on Bind. In the Bind screen you need to create a ZONE entry for your domain name. Inside the ZONE create two "A" records for your NS1 and NS2.

    Now go back to the Bind config and set your NS1 as the primary name server and NS2 as your Secondary or Virtual server.

    Now restart Bind from the services screen, You can now create as many sites as you like as long as the domains resolve to your NS1 and NS2.

    Let me know how you get on.

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    I forgot to mention that you have to setup a Reverse (PTR) address ZONE first. Here's an example;

    Say your main IP address is ,
    take the first 3 octects and reverse them so the ZONE will look like this;

    When you create your NS1 and NS2 it will auto update the reverse zone. If this happens you know that your config is right.

    If your completly lost or any of the above makes no sence send me an email at info@ketec.ie and I'll log in and have a look at the setup for you.

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