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Thread: Seeking advice on cost and a web designer to build a website

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    Seeking advice on cost and a web designer to build a website

    Hey guys,
    I am a sharebroker and have my own company. I am looking to develop a website for my company and was wondering roughly what it would cost to make a functional site like www.sharebuilder.com for my company. I would prefer a site with the basic features from sharebuilder.com. Let me know what it would cost roughly and how if you have the skills neccessary I am looking to hire someone to make me my website. You can email me at jamesredpath@hotmail.com if you can help me.

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    You given any thought to building your own?
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    I see plenty of custom server side programming with a database driven content. It is tough to give you a quote based on the example you provided - I can not see all the member/account management pages they have.
    My recommendation is to start with putting on paper the site design requirements. The more details the better: how many pages will there be, what will be the interaction between pages, what data needs to be stored, how it has to be managed, what kind of administrator pages it requires, etc.
    I would stay away from anyone who agrees to start a project without a written document that defines in reasonable detail the goals and outcomes of the job.

    Very rough estimate: you will not get quality site done for under $5K.

    If you are interested in my quote, e-mail me, I can consult you on putting together design requirements as well.

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    Lot of forums member here can quote on your project. Also you may try Rent A Coder website, to get someone to quote on your project.
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    I suggest you check out www.dice.com


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    Just for the website alone, you are probably talking $1,000... to get all the functionality from users as well as an area to allow maintance etc. Depending on features, another $5,000-$7,500.
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