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Thread: mac's vs Pc's

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    mac's vs Pc's

    whitch is better?
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    It all depends.........................................

    It all depends on what you are going to do with the computer!

    PC's are good for basic use. They can do Email, photo editing, ETC.... They also can do advanced stuff, like advanced photo editing and video editing (Including 3D animation).

    MACs are much better for "the arts" like the advanced stuff. Photo editing is much better on MACs
    (Cuz it ain't Microsoft) and video editing is a breeze on them because they just don't crash as often as PC's do and video editing in general isin't a walk in the park. Further more, MACs are used less than PCs (By alot) so there are fewer viruses made for MACs. Maybe one or two a year at most

    Now onto computer design.....
    With PCs need you to pick a monitor, speakers, and have them all on your desk consuming space. Some MACs have the monitor built into the computer along with the speakers and a disk drive all in one easy to transport package.

    Each system have their strong points and weak spots. The best computer is the one that best fits the job you are doing.

    One other thing about the MAC vs PC thing is this:
    There are many different types of PC's and you have to choose brand name, then model. All MACs are built by Apple, so you only have to choose model!
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    I agerre with Sunny G They are for the arts not gaming.
    MAcs are also a pane to upgrade
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    Allow me to rewrite what Mausau2000 said, correctly.

    I agree with Sunny G. They are not for the arts, and not gaming.
    MACs are also a pain to upgrade.

    Yeah, they are but while they are not obsolete, they rock!
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    I wouldn't say MAC's are better for the arts, as you can buy N-number of upgrades for your PC that will allow it to work just as effectively as a MAC for whatever you'r trying to do. It's just that it might be more expensive and require a bit more effort than with a MAC. PC's are better imo, because of the wide availability or upgrades, experts to help, repair shops, and the ability to build it yourself much easier than with MAC's. Not to say you can't do any of this with a MAC, but it takes more effort and familiarity/knowledge about MACs not commonly found...

    PC's are for the arts. They are becoming just as user-friendly as MAC's have been known for, and you have more buttons on your mouse! (WOOT! 5 BUTTONS PC ROCKS!) Umm... sorry about that...
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    Heh, I like how you make a lack of alternatives seem like a good thing. Macs have to be the most proprietary system out there. Which basically means, you're going to pay more. What benefits do you get out of it? Well, with a Mac you get a computer on which you must use the Mac OS. (Well, for now. This will probably change once the switch to the x86 is complete. Dual boot Windows and Mac. Linux and Mac? Who knows)

    I prefer PC's. Comparing the two systems in general isn't really I good idea, you need to compare two specific systems. With a PC you have a HUGE variety of vendors. There's a lot of competition with hardware in the PC market, which means you're getting better products at cheaper prices with a wider variety. You can build a higher performing system than a Mac at a price that's equivalent to or cheaper than its Mac counterpart.

    The only thing I'll say Mac has going for it is the OS. Specifically the GUI is rather nice. Nothing all that special about the rest of it. It's built on Unix, but I prefer Linux over Mac. Video and audio editing? Well, I had to make an hour long movie for my film class a while back. Used my friends PC and pinnacle, and I tell you, I don't know how it could have been any easier. You need to get a system with the hardware for it, though.

    So bottom line, would you like to not chose anything about your PC, or are you strongly attracted to shiny buttons? If so, you may want a Mac. Otherwise, get a PC with your choice of hardware, software, and configuration.
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    More than 1 or 2 virus's are made 4 mac's!!!
    But when u do get one they are VERY VERY HARD TO REMOVE
    But i do agree that vey few virus's are written for macs.
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    Dont Worry Most people have posted in this site and gone on to lead perfectly normal lifes
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    I've always lived with a PC. However I like to make movies and photo's and a lot of people are saying that Mac's are better to do the things that I like to do. I am going to do some more research on the subject, but I really want to be sure that I'm going to make the right choice whether to get a Mac, or stay with a PC. Can anybody help me?
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    my wife has a 20" iMac and I have a PC that I built, we both run photoshop cs2 and studio 8 and my PC will walk all over her iMac.

    I used to laugh at her when her mac would beach ball (freeze up) till I remember it was costing us money .... but as far as I can tell photoshop is the same on her mac as it is on my PC, only hers is slower by far.

    My PC has crashed twice in 7 months, so i cant complain... ive used her mac and i hate the thing.. people always tell me how much better they are and i always say show me because i just dont see it. another thing, I think to get a nice PC you either have to build it yourself or buy a high end model, don't buy a cheap HP and think you have something.

    also, with the iMac you cant hook up a extra monitor, which makes no sence to me... i run three lcd monitors on my PC. the power macs can run extra monitors but i think a power mac is $3500???? for $3500 I could build one blazing PC
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    Please look to see if there is already a post on your topic before you create a new thread.
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