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Thread: lunix and webserver and asp.net

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    Arrow lunix and webserver and asp.net

    Hi guys . I got a computer with the following specification ±

    AMD athlon tm processor
    1.99 ghz
    515 mb ram
    windows xp home edition
    60 gb hardrive

    i want to install lunix on it and run webserver and asp.net script. i be happy if some one tell me what version of lunix is good for my mechine and where to get that lunix along with its webserver and asp.net support.Thank u and looking forward to your reply.

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    First of all, the kernel's name is "Linux". There are many distributions depending on what you want to do with the machine. I'm not sure which is best for just running a web server, but you might want to try out this Linux Distribution Chooser.

    Running ASP.NET on Linux is decidedly nontrivial. I believe it can be done with Mono but you would be better off using a free technology that is designed to be cross-platform such as PHP or Perl.

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