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Thread: Power Issues

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    Power Issues

    In my apartment we have been having issues with the power voltage fluctuating. My lights will dim and brighten occasionally and my fan will slow down and speed up. Lately it's been resetting my computer a lot- since people in the building started using AC more and it seems to correspond with when others are home using major appliances like the dishwasher and and dryers and stuff. But, they are fixing that.

    I've already lost one power supply to this problem. I have two power supplies now, a 250w and aa 300w. Which would be better to use? I don't have too much on my system right now to warrent needing a larger power supply, but do you think it would prevent my computer from turning off so much? It seems like it doesn't take much to make my PC reset, whereas my GF's PC right next to it almost never restarts on it's own- as well as the router and the modem, also not restarting as often as my PC.

    Suggestions? They are working on fixing the power problem, but won't give me a timeframe on when it's going to be done...

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    Sounds like you need a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) - check out your local pc store.
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    Yeah, I definately need one. I've now lost a NIC card to the power monster. The power went out violently theother night and my girlfriend's computer wouldn't connect to the internet anymore, kept getting an invalid 169.254 IP address. I replaced the NIC w/ a spare and it worked fine.

    But other than that, it's mostly small voltage differences and I was wondering if anyone knew if a more powerful power supply would help or hinder?

    Ultimately I want to get a UPS, maybe even tonight.

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    Hi kin,
    you definitely need a UPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Continued use of you computer with the present power situation will damage other internal hardware besides just your power supply...if it already hasn't done so,
    For regular computing tasks.. a 250W is OK..
    for gaming & if your going to be adding a lot of adapter cards & other components (drives etc.) get a 400W supply/ or larger.
    If you need more help ..just post back.
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