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Thread: What if IE does not work for Active Scan

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    What if IE does not work for Active Scan

    My computer is infected with that darn smitfraud.c virus. I can not use IE at all so Active Scan(from panda) will not work. I am using netscape communicator to go online and look for help with this virus. How can I use Active scan or is there another scan i can use that is campatible with netscape communicator?
    I also get errors, missing .DLL file(WININET.DLL), which is preventing me from installing most software. Should I just throw this computer out or can someone PLEASE help me. I am not very well versed in computers but will sure appreciate any help that anyone can give to me. Thank you very much in advance!!!

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    If you restart the PC with the Panda disk in, it should boot up off it (assuming that you've set the boot order to boot off CD ROM before HDD) and perform a full system scan before windows loads.
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    Get something like nortan anti virus more reliable bootable and better looking.

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