OK I have a firewall and virus protection on my computer (AVG and McAffee) I also have Microsoft anti-spyware. But the main problem came before I had that... when I only had McAffee virus protection (not even a firewall or anti-spyware). I got some mean spyware and viruses that completely messed my computer. It's still pretty messed up and now after loads of sorting even from professionals I still have alot and only some have been cleared. I got rid of some i.desktop search thing with help from a professional but that's about all we got done. Also all of my spyware and virus programmes now pick up nothing. But here is the main problems:

~ My internet browsers often when loading pages get redirected to other internet sites. Alot of them even change the window size of my browser and changing it back all the time is becoming a real *****. Also the sites have it coded so you can't press the back button so I have have to click the button next to the back button and choose the webpage I was on or which was loading. This is mostly a problem on forums (which I visit a considerable amount of) and othe rinteractive pages. Also it seems to target firefox alittle more than other browsers even though it is stll aproblem on those browsers.

~ My computer sometimes just shuts down and a blue screen comes up saying fatal system error even when I'm just doing normal stuff like coding on notepad or browsing web pages (normal respectable ones like htmldog and so forth). The computer doesn't always act itself completely when I'm on it for an hour or so before it happens usually.

~ The overall speed of my computer is extremely slow even though it's a good computer with broadband internet 2.7 GHz pentium 4 and 512MB RAM. It has a fluctuating (vary alot) load times even on the same programs and anything programmed in ASCII (which i do some work with a fair bit) tends to freeze for about 10 seconds every so often.

Help on removing these problems would place me in your eternal debt. Thanks for your time. Help is greatly appreciated.