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    Question content management help.

    I am developing a webpage using publisher. Very new to web design. I am trying to create a search tool that uses two boxes such as the first one would be blank, the user would type a city name. Then the second one would be a drop down box to select a state. What kind of progam would I need to use to be able to direct a user to the correct page from that information? Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    You'd need to slip in some javascript, and making it degrade gracefully would be tricky. Publisher wont allow you to directly edit the code, even if it did it'd ruin it strait afterwards.
    Don't use Publisher for websites, either code by hand, put up with Amaya or pay a proffesional.
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    HI there, you need to use a progrmming language like asp or php to achieve want you want to basedo n your server configuration. Using publisher alone will not help. Please feel free to contact me at gautam@webtrixtech.com if you need further help...best wishes...Gautam Trivedi webmaster for WebtriX Technologies Ltd (http://www.webtrixtech.com)

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