Hello everybody! I need to download a few video clips, and they are in AVI format. The owner of the clips says they were meant to be played in the DivX player so a special "codec". (Better playback?)

I just wanted to ask the following things...

=What is the DivX player?

=What exactly does the player play/do?

=What is the codec thing all about?

=Will the player play the videos better than what I already have? (Quicktime, MS media player, Real)

=I don't have internet access on the computer that it would be running on... Is that a problem?

=What is good about the DivX player?

Just to let you all know, here is the site that I wish to download the videos from.... I already got the "RM" ones, but they had really bad quality.
Do any of you remember the show, "Project GeeKeR"? Twas canceled in 1996