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Thread: inline frames - breakout/refresh

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    inline frames - breakout/refresh

    I'm using one inline frame. If I put a link WITHIN the frame, it brings up the new page in the inline frame. I would like to create a link within the inline frame that breaks out of the inline frame and goes to a "fresh" page. Case in point: I've created an index of pages to view within the frame. When you click on the link I would like it to bring up a new page entirely. Can anyone help? Thanks

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    HI there, it seems to be a small issue. Just put the tag target="_blank" within the a href tag and the links will open in a new page. Please contact me at gautam@webtrixtech.com if you need further help...best wishes...Gautam Trivedi webmaster for WebtriX Technologies Ltd (http://www.webtrixtech.com)

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