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Thread: two level ordered list?

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    two level ordered list?

    Can we have two or three level listing using <OL> or something like that?

    an exmple of output:
    PHP Code:
    1. Item one
    2. Item two
    Item two  point one
    Item two point two
    3. Item Three
    and so on 
    as far as I know using <OL> we can only create a simple numbering but not for example 2.2 and 2.3.

    I was wondering if there is a tag that can do that for us?
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    Of course you can. You can nest as many as you need. You can mix and nest ol's ul's dl's and all sorts.
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    Ordered List types

    Unfortunately the types for ordered lists are 1 (numbered), A and a (alphabetical), and I or i (roman numeral). There is no tag that I am aware of that allows a list type of 1.1 (number and decimal).

    However, you can nest ordered lists and use an alternate type for the nested lists:

    1. Item 1
       A. Sub-item 1.A
    2. Item 2
       A. Sub-item 2.A
    <ol type="1">
     <li>Item 1
      <ol type="A">
       <li>Item 1-A</li>
     <li>Item 2
      <ol type="a">
       <li>Item 2-a</li>
     <li>Item 3
      <ol type="I">
       <li>Item 3-I</li>
     <li>Item 4
      <ol type="i">
       <li>Item 4-i</li>
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    Eventually this sort of thing will come into play but for now it's best to generate that on the server side.
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