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Thread: passing value of checkbox from child window to parent window

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    passing value of checkbox from child window to parent window

    Hi everybody,

    I am writing code in PHP in which a new window pops up on the click of the link. The child window consists of name and checkboxes. The user can click more than one checkboxes and the values of the checkboxes have to be stored in the list box of parent window. Please help ASAP.

    Waiting for an early response.

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    This belongs in the JavaScript forum. (Someone please tell me if it was cross-posted.) Has this question already been answered, or has no one been courteous enough to respond to this thread yet?

    Sp007, you can refer to the window by its name. If you opened the window via the window.open() command, specify the name of the window as the second argument (that is, window.open(‘page.html’, ’windowName’)). If you opened the window via a link with a TARGET attribute, that attribute’s value is the name of the window. You can then, in the parent window which spawned the new window, refer to the child window as
    top.windowName. Knowing this, you should be able to interact with the forms in the document of the child window. Understand?

    For information on how you can interact with select (list) boxes, please have a look at <http://www.quirksmode.org/js/options.html>. Hope this helps.
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