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Thread: window generated causes Confirm message on close

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    Question window generated causes Confirm message on close

    My CGI script generates a new window after receiving
    input from a form . Basically a thankyou message,
    for requesting a quote . The page stays open for 3 seconds
    then self closes . This window is one of 3 that are open and on top(_Blank), but
    I just noticed that IE 5.0 creates a popup confirm message
    "The window you are viewing is trying to close down Y/N"
    The later browsers IE5.5 --> and NS do not have this problem.
    Popup windows generated from page scripts dont display the message, is this a security feature for server generated
    commands and how is it possible to tame the early browsers?

    the generated page contains the script
    <BODY onload="setTimeout (window.close, 3000)">

    Thanks for any help.

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    This is a security feature and is still present in modern browsers. The only time it won't prompt the user is if you are trying to close awindow that was also opened via scripting. There is no way around this.

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