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Thread: XML into SQL- elements or attribs?

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    Question XML into SQL- elements or attribs?

    Hi all

    I need to get an XML file into a SQL database (and back out again later- either into Quark Express or onto the Internet). The file is basically contains details from our company address book and is quite simple in structure (i.e. first name, last name, address-- the same throughout really).

    Now...i still don't know what to use: elements or attirbutes. I don't know what the difference will be and how it will effect my work in the future. Getting the data in, i could use either method, but i will then need to use the info in the database for intranet(ASP) applications. I also want the xml data to map nicely to SQL tables/columns.

    Any info MUCH appreciated


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    It should not matter much at all ( I hope).

    W3C already have prety good standard for XML so I dont' think it will effect either way.
    In my opinion its just a matter of choice.
    You can call me lazy for this but since retrieveing attributes involves one extra step therefore I have always stuck with element values..



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