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Thread: How many different scripts are there?

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    How many different scripts are there?

    Hello Everybody,

    Im trying to study a Menu that someone on the net offered to me.
    The script "looks" like javascript but definitly required the ISP to allow SSI.

    The menu does not quite behave in a consistent manner, and I need to learn how to control it.

    What happens ought to be simple (even for me to trace)
    The menu is made of four buttons, each with an "Expandable" and "contractable" unordered list that present navigation links. When a viewer finally select any one of the links, their browser will load a complete new page, each of which includes:
    <!-- #INCLUDE FILE="leftNav.inc" -->
    Sometimes the Whole Brand New Page will load the menu in it's starting form.. just the four buttons. But! At other times, the Menu will present itself in the exact same shape it was when the user clicked... ie, the menu is open to the unordered list.

    I need to find out how this is controlled... so that "I" control it.

    The menu document is called "leftNav.inc" and is accompanied by a "header.inc" and "footer.inc" files.

    I know this kind of issue can be hard to trace.... but I do need to get this under my belt.

    Can someone help?


    By the way, SSI doesn't work on my computer.... is there a way to make them work off an XP machine?

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    Read the site documentation or the included files to see how it works.
    If you have Apache running on XP: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/howto/ssi.html
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