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Thread: Print CSS missing content in Netscape 7.1

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    Print CSS missing content in Netscape 7.1

    The following pages do weird things in Netscape 7.02 on PC.

    The print function works in Netscape 7.1 and later, all the netscape browsers on Mac, with which it prints all 13 pages of content. It also works in all the Mozilla browsers and IE on both PC and Mac.

    However, on PC in Netscape 7.02 the print function prints a blank page with just the print header, then the first page of content, and then a page of just the footer, disregarding the other dozen pages of content.

    The stylesheets can be found here:

    Any ideas on whats going wrong?

    - Stephen Hoydis
    Web Team Member,
    Ramapo College.
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