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Thread: loading a file into IE...

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    loading a file into IE...


    Ok here is the situation. I have a page that is using frames, an upper and a lower frame. In the upper frame I give the user a text box and two buttons. The purpose of this is for the user to type in either a URL or a path to a local or network file. Then they can click the go button. The file or URL is then loaded into the lower frame. When they have confirmed that the file they have selected is the appropriate one, they click the save button in the upper frame and some code handles saving the path to that file.

    I can successfully load URLs and Network files that where found using a path such as "r:\testdocument.doc" which is really just a mapped drive that points to "\\server\d$\testdocument.doc". However, the problem is, I can not load any local files. SO... if I enter "c:\testdocument.doc", it will not load.

    I am trying to do the loading of the files via javascript that I have placed behind the go button. Any thoughts anyone? I really need some help on this one. Thank you so much for your time.


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    Thanks but...

    Thanks for the help there, but that does not work either.

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