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Thread: Not centering in IE/Mac?

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    Not centering in IE/Mac?

    Can someone tell em why this isn't centering on IE6 for the Mac?

    The site is at: http://www.tech-genus.com/demos/smartSite/

    I have the body with text-align:center: set

    but it hasn't been working so I just threw up the old school HTML <center..> tag around the whole thing.

    Why is some of the page centering and the header box and footer box not centering?

    Any help would be great.

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    Your #container div should wrap around all the content. Literally have <div id="container"> right after <body> starts and end it right before <body> ends. Then add this to the CSS in #container - margin: auto;
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    Thanks sanim, initially that is how I had the site set up. Everything was in the "container." Things weren't working so I took the headers and footers out and voila! Let me give this margin: auto a shot and see what happens.

    Thanks again

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    Yes. I didn't put everythiong in the container but instead just put in Margin:auto on the header and footer boxes. It seems to work fine.


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