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Thread: say my brand is 'T Shoes'

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    Question say my brand is 'T Shoes'

    hi guys,

    I was wondering:

    say my brand is 'T Shoes'.
    What is the best domain name to choose?
    www.tshoes.com or www.t-shoes.com

    Is it possible to register with capitals?
    Like www.T-shoes.com

    thx in advance!

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    Domain names are not case sensative, so www.tshoes.com www.Tshoes.com and www.TsHoEs.com are all effectivley the same domain name.

    As for your domain, if it were me i'd register both www.tshoes.com and www.t-shoes.com and use www.tshoes.com as the main name, and have t-shoes.com as an alias.

    hope this helps

    - Chris

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