I know there are probably NUMEROUS threads with this information in it. But as I said there are NUMBEROUS and I'm going to take the lazy route and not search for them all.

However, I was just presented with the idea that I should start my own (small) business of creating websites and teaching web development. I never gave this any SERIOUS thought because it's a hobby for me. Currently, I'm working on my Masters in OPTICAL ENGINEERING!! (whateva that is!! ) But the idea is very tempting. However, I hardly think that I have enough skill. I currently know (X)HTML (obviously), some CSS, and just learn the basics on MySQL and PHP. Would this be enough to start a business with people that simply "want a website"?

Also, what's a good price to charge for some "under-the-table" type work? I'm currently creating a website and for the first time I'm getting paid for it! I have NO idea how much to charge?

Any advice