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Thread: creating tables with css

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    creating tables with css

    Is it possible to create tables using CSS? The reason I'm asking I'm hearing from lots of sources to create webpages with CSS without tables. I'm currently working with a design at the moment.

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    CSS is not meant to create anything, that is the work of markup, CSS is meant to style pages

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    It depends what you mean by a 'table'. If you're talking about a table of data - like sports results or a schedule - well, that's html. You can style the table with CSS anyway you like.
    If (as I suspect) you just want to know how to create a webpage without using a table for your main layout, then I hope this helps : http://bonrouge.com/3c-hf-fluid-lc.php

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    I think he meant how to position things on a website without using actual tables. You can do this with CSS. There is a learning curve to the whole thing but once you get used to it its pretty easy.

    The way to position things on a site using CSS is through DIVs, IDs, and Classes. You'd find more information by Googling the subject or going to W3Schools.

    Have fun.

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