I know this is not direclty an ASP question but realated and i was not sure where to post it and thought other asp people may have had this problem.
I can not send email from my web site.

Last week we started having problems. It all started when the kernal was deleted by accident and had to reload the OS back onto the machine. (i dont do this stuff we have network guys that do this). They were able to fix it and get everything back up but in the process SMTP stopped working.

When you look at the services.mcs it shows that SMTP is running and started but when you go and look inside IIS's counsel it shows SMTP as stopped. If you try to start it from IIS, it will timeout. You can start and stop it in the services.mcs screen but it does nothing.

I have created a new virtual SMTP directory but the same thing applies to this as does the default SMTP, it shows as stopped in IIS but running in the services.

Another thing to note is that we are having problems w/ RPC. In looking at the Services.mcs it looks like SMTP is dependent on RPC.

So im not sure where to start looking. The one option is to uninstall and reinstall IIS but this will be alot of work as there are alot of settings and what not that will need to be noted as well as a bunch of other ****. In order to uninstall and reinstall we need to set up a tempory server and then move the site over. Again alot of work to do this and then install all the .dll's that i use as well as all the programs that are installed such as the charts, pdf writer, etc, you get the picture.

I would prefer not to uninstall and reinstall but this might need to happen, the other issue is that i go out of town at the end of this week for 2 weeks so i dont really want to do this yet becuase if something screws up i only have 4 days to fix it and i dont want this to fall on its face when im out of town. i rather tackle this one when i get back into town.

The only problem i currently have is SMTP will not run correlcty so i cant send emails. Well i have alot of apps that use the SMTP to notify people inside the company and outside the company, so its kind of important to get it up and running.

Any ideas on where to start looking other then uninstalling and reinstalling IIS, this is not even a quarenteed fix. If we move the site we will redo the server completely but like i said this have to be the last option and will not be able to do this for another 3 weeks.

So anything that you might look at that we might of forgot to do or look into. Could RPC and SMTP be related. RPC stopped working when all this started so it makes me beleive so but dont know were to start at.

Is there any way to tell me site to use the SMTP of another server or even use exchange?

One last thing, when you go into iis and look at the web site, the status of the SMTP says this
"The requested control is not valid for this service"
Not sure if that means anything.

Any ideas