I'm looking to get a subscription to a US web design magazine, and would like to hear some reader reviews.

Some things I look for:
-Solid reviews of software, hardware too when applicable (digital cameras, tablet PCs, maybe even servers).
-Focuson aesthetics and attractive design
-Reader submission content (Q & A)
-Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials.
-Target audience is professionals/freelancers

Another big plus is a bundled CD with each issue, containing things such as stock photos, software, or other stuff. Not necessary, though.

I picked up a copy of Practical Web Design @ BN a few weeks ago - great mag, but it's a UK mag :/

Price is a factor, too, but don't let it keep you from suggesting something.

I don't need a newbie mag - I've been doing web design since I was a freshman in highschool (in December I will have recieved my degree in CIS, after 4 and a half years of college ).