Hello all!

Can anyone point me in the right direction with this rather odd situation? Here is a quick overview...

1. My domain is purchased through MelbourneIT

2. The domain is hosted at Yahoo Web Services and utilizes their services for e-mail

3. The goal is to host the domain name only on BlueHost while the Yahoo Web Services account remains in-tact so the company e-mails stay the same

4. BlueHost and Yahoo Web Services told me this was possible by adjusting the DNS, which I have done, and now Record A has BlueHost as its destination

5. However, after the allotted time of 24 hours passed, the change did not go through. The domain name has been assigned to BlueHost (in theory), but it still stuck parked on Yahoo Web Services

6. Yahoo Web Services has no clue what is causing a delay while BlueHost tells me that MelbourneIT might be holding it up, but I don't have their account

THE Q... Have any of you faced a situation like this before? What might be causing Record A of the domain name to not point to BlueHost, as it should according to the directions I have received?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!