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Thread: Need help with Go Daddy hosting but domain elsewhere

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    Need help with Go Daddy hosting but domain elsewhere


    New to this forum but I already need help. I'm just starting out in freelancing and I have just bought hosting on GoDaddy.

    I have a domain which is registered elsewhere, away from GoDaddy. On the GoDaddy support page it only says to change my nameservers on the domain to the ones on my hosting account to repoint it at my website hosted on GoDaddy. Does this mean the A record can be left as blank? There's no mention of the A record...


    I've paid for only a months worth of hosting just so i can try it out, so if you guys have any previous bad experience with godaddy, please let me know. I'm open to move elsewhere, if yuo guys have any recommendations. I picked godaddy purely because they were cheap with unlimited MS SQL databases, unlimited bandwidth, space etc.


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    From the link you provided:

    If you registered your domain name with another registrar but are hosting it with us, it must use our nameservers. We send you an email that lists your nameservers when you set up your hosting account. If you do not have your name servers, you can find them in your hosting account. For more information, see Finding Your Hosted Domain's Nameservers.

    After finding your name servers, contact your domain's registrar (the company where you registered your domain) to update the nameservers.
    Example of Standard DNS nameservers:

    Example of Premium DNS nameservers:
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    So is the A record not essential? I never knew that. I always thought the A record would need to be set with the IP address of the server hosting the website, then something on the server i.e. IIS, would bind the domain to a site on the server.

    All i need to do is change the nameservers on the domain.


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    I Think the Problem may from their side, you can contact the admin via Mail ID then they can fix your Problem. I bought the a website tonight at here *** url removed by moderator, so it does not look like you are spamming us ***

    It's working fine..they provides 24x7 free help desk support.
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    you need to login in your godaddy account
    then go to visit my account
    go to webhosting and LAUNCH
    then click on godaddyDNSmanager and go to edit zone
    copy the name server at the end of the page
    go to your domain name provider's site
    click on your domain name
    go to nameservers
    replace nameservers on your domain provider's site with the godaddy's nameservers you just coppied
    update your server
    then here you go.....

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