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Thread: Domain/web hosting...

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    Domain/web hosting...

    Here's my situation:

    o Not willing to pay for a domain name or webhosting because I'm still in highschool and I have summer school.

    o Wanting ad-free hosting or hosting with only a small button link to their site

    o Wanting a short url even if it's a subdomain

    o Wanting reliable hosting (and sites that I can actually read in English and sites that aren't too confusing)

    o Wanting a site that won't deactivate my stuff after so many days/so many days without hits/so many days without so much bandwidth use

    I've tried url redirection, and have yet to find a site that doesn't put ANOTHER ad on my site.

    I'm really upset that geocities has been the best thing I've found. It has that ad box thing that's in the way all the time.

    Can anyone give me some ideas? I know that paid hosting is the best, but I can't afford it. So it's out of the question.
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    Try with http://www.netfirms.com/web-hosting-free

    I have a one there, and they just show google ads, but pop-ups...


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    Check out http://www.dot.tk/
    its url redirection that doesnt add anymore that is put onto the page... they just emphasize on the ".tk" at the end

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