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Thread: Getting info from a url

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    Getting info from a url

    Hi All

    I know from reading up on creating HTML links it is possible to send a variable via an HTML link. E.g the code below should create a link that would open a page and pass it another URL?!

    <a href="http://www.somewhere.co.uk/formpage.html?http://www.somewhere.co.uk/dynamicpage.asp>test</a>

    Correct me if I'm wrong about the sytax as this may be part of my probelm.

    What I'm finding it difficult to find out is how to access this variable.

    Basically I have a form that collects an Email address on a page called sendinfo.htm which I then want to submit to a asp page the address for which is passed to the form page via a link on another page!!

    Can someone please help me?!

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    I'm not sure if i'm following the logistics of how your form(s) is(are) set up.... the syntax your looking for is "http://www.somesite.com/submit.asp?varname:varvalue"

    In your ASP page, request.querystring("varname") = varvalue

    If that doesn't do enough to answer your question, you'll need to re-explain exactly what it is you're trying to do

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    Thanks for your input that is what I needed to know :-)

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