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Thread: Padding and IE

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    Padding and IE

    I am creating a page and I noticed that IE6 (and I am sure 5) does not recognize the padding tag. I write padding-left:30 whatever and nothing happens in IE. I have defaulted to using the Margin tag, but there is one problem.

    I was using padding and a bottom border to create a graphic element underneath some graphic text. Basically it looks underlined with the underline width greater than the size of the image because of the padding. Since I am not using padding anymore, the underline is simply the width of the text.

    Is there a hack or something to get IE to recognize padding?


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    IE does recgonize padding. But you wrote padding-left:30. 30 what? You need to specify units such as pixels (px).

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    Hahahaha I know that! I was just being lazy. It should read "padding:30px;" but that wasn't working in IE. Let me be more specific. I was padding the right side of an image [padding-right:30px;] in order to add a bottom border that would exceed the length of the image. The padding didn't show up in IE.

    I appreciate your help and I am sorry for being lazy and causing confusion, but I tell you (I swear :]) the padding wasn't showing up in IE. Any ideas?


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    It's hard to understand what exactly you're describing...but...

    Try using height/width to create excess area around your image.

    To have a 30 px border beyond the image:
    <div style="height: 120px; border-right: 1px solid black;">
    <img src="file.htm" width="90px" height="90px"/>

    You can add padding, to add more space between the border and image, too, if you want.

    Good Luck -

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