This is my first post on this forum and i am very excited. I need some help with the appearance of the sharer popup of the posts in my tumblr theme.

here it how the sharer looks at the moment: http://tinypic.com/r/2ld7gio/9

The sharer appears like that. There is nothing wrong except that on mobiles phones it create horizontal scrolling. i would like to make it narrower so it can fit in the screen of smartphones. I need it to have the same space as it currently has on the left side.

the code that i can find on my theme for that is:

<a href="{Permalink}" title="{TimeAgo}" class="meta-item">{TimeAgo} </a>

<section class="post-controls">
<div class="controls-wrapper">
<div class="control share-control">
<nav class="pop">
<a href="#" class="share selector icon-export"></a>
<div class="pop-menu share-menu " id="share_{PostID}">

can anyone help me pls.??

Thank you in advance!