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Thread: newbie: HTTP 403.9 - Access Forbidden, come from IIS or SQL2000?

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    newbie: HTTP 403.9 - Access Forbidden, come from IIS or SQL2000?


    I'm writing a asp page (lets call this: a.asp) that get information and write data on the sql server (locate on a diff box, and no one else is using it but me atm)

    Just like every other asp pages, it begin with Conn (the connection), rs (recordset), sql (the sql string) on the top of the page, and process some information in the body of the page, and end the page with: conn.close rs.close conn=nothing, rs=nothing.

    when i reload that page a few times (regardness how fast i click that button), IIS will end up with the following complains:

    The page cannot be displayed
    There are too many people accessing the Web site at this time.
    HTTP 403.9 - Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected
    Internet Information Services
    This error can occur if the Web server is busy and cannot process your request due to heavy traffic.
    now, when I just write a test page (call test.asp, and just to test the sql connection) and using the same conn, str, and sql but without any html or javascript (just purely test sql statment page). The same error page occurs.

    The only way I could solve this problem is to close the bowser and reopen a new one. But this will cause user a problem. I don't know how to troubleshoot it.

    MS support is (off IIS) is suggesting:
    1. Open Internet Services Manager.
    2. Right-click the Web site and choose Properties.
    3. On the Web Site property page, select Connections.
    4. Choose Unlimited or increase the Limited To: value.

    but I don't have "Connections - Unlimited" under Internet Information Services - Web Site Properties...

    thank you for any suggestions

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    Are you running under Windows 2000 with the bundled IIS 5.0? If so, it limits you to 10 active connections.

    Are you closing all yor connection objects after you are finished with them?


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    Hi buntine

    I'm running IIS off XP SP2 atm.
    SQL server is sitting on a next box running SBS 2003.

    every asp pages, i start with:
    <!--include conn.asp-->
    sql = "(sql statment)"
    set rs=conn.execute(sql)

    and ended with:

    conn = nothing

    i believe the *.close and *=nothing is closing the connection right?

    thank you

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    recordsets don't need to be explicity closed, it is not required (however very good practice).

    it must be something else

    try going into properties of the IIS server itself and seeing if you have that unlimited connections option there. can you just run this webpage off that SBS server with a full version of IIS?

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