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Thread: CSS Layout issue

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    CSS Layout issue

    Okay everyone, this is my first time trying my layout using CSS positioning. The page I'm working on is really starting to bug me. I use Firefox as my primary browser. Well upon trying to reach the perfect placement in Firefox I found that my content placement was low compared to the nav column on the left. So I found a way to even it up a little bit so that it looked good.

    Well upon opening it in IE, it turns out that now it appears high because of the compensation I did for Firefox. I'm almost ready to just forget using css for placement, it is just becoming to much of a hassle for me to get it the way that I want. PLEASE HELP!.............Lan

    EDIT: Here is the link. http://www.wilsweb.net/index2.html

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    First, you must remove the xml prologue, the first line. This will throw IE into quirk's mode. Second, your div.left_nav has a border while the content div does not. Either do the same border for both or use margins instead.

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