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Thread: Review my websites

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    Review my websites

    hi friends,

    I am new to this forum. I was searching for the site reviewers for long time and i got it.

    I hope that this will improve my website quality.

    my recent websites: http://www.procalltraining.com, http://www.iqplusabacus.com

    pls review and tell me your feedback.


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    I cannot view the first site without looking through your browser sniffer to find where it was meant to send me. Your code claims that my browser doesn't support the nessersary technologies purely on the basis that it's version number is below 4, wich is stupid. Either way, you shouldn't be pushing your visitors away because your site can't support thier browser.
    Read the sticky at the top of this board to pre-empt the critisims of your site.
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    It worked fine for me(in MSIE 6.0).

    The first site, http://www.procalltraining.com, not bad, but for me, the white background isn't apealing. Not something crazy, or outstanding, but something other than white. It's just too white. Also, when you goto some of the pages, the navigational links are sometimes moved. On some pages it is more to the left or right than others... To me, that's not good. The navigation bar(or links) should be in the same spot on all pages of a website.

    The second one.... Is that just information on the abacus stuff? I did only take a quick look, but only saw informational stuff about it. And also, for me, I just like a little 'whitespace' around the main content. The main table(div or whatever it is(didn't look at code)) starts at 0px and end exactly with the page. I just like it better when the main content starts maybe 20px or so from the top, and the same amount from the bottom.... But that might just be me...

    Oh, and the homepage is a profile for the company. Not bad, but I would not have that as a homepage... Make a basic homepage, with a more general overview of the site.
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