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Thread: simple flash question

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    simple flash question

    i just designed my first simple flash banners.. and want to put them on my webpage... it is not a site i built myself.. it is a blog network called myspace.com . i used macromedia flash MX Professional 2004 and it is saved as a .swf file.. i tried to publish it as a .gif file because it seems most flash banners i have seen being exchanged around myspace.com are saved as a .gif but when i saved it as this.. it didnt save it as the whole flash movie but each seperate frame. and then when i tried to upload it to photobucket as an swf file... it hosted it there but when i put the tag on my myspace profile it wouldnt show up????? i dont know what i am doing wrong. or if there is something i need to do to convert my banner from .swf to a .gif or what??? i hope this wasnt confusing and i hope someone can help me..
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    Hi -
    It helps to see what code you've used to embed the object [flash.swf] into the web page, maybe you could post it?

    I've never tried, but since a .gif is just layers that overlap or replace one another through time, try making a timeline animation that goes from left-right/start to end in a linear way. [Hope you know what I mean, here!] Not sure how much of the AS code would end up in a .gif - none, I'm guessin'.

    Good luck,

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