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Thread: help with Regular Expression

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    help with Regular Expression

    I am trying to extract a string from xml file using regex. Here is a sample of xml file:

    <TEXT>today is monday</TEXT>
    <...> blah blah blah </...>

    Now i want to grab everything between <SENTENCE> and </SENTENCE> including the 'text' and 'bit' tags. My approach is to use negation:

    String abs = "<SENTENCE>(^(</SENTENCE)*)</SENTENCE>";

    but it doesnt quite work. I know how to negate single characters, but how do i negate an entire a string? Thanks in advance

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    I'm pretty sure you can just do this with a "lazy star", which matches the smallest number of characters as it can:
    You'll probably need to use the MULTILINE flag in your pattern.
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