Hello everyone!

I have been working away at trying to figure out this code for the past few days but unfortunately to no avail. The best way to describe what it is that I want to do is by providing the following link:


I'm not a strong programmer so I've been trying to decipher what Infocus (the link above) has done, but am having no luck creating my own. What I want to do is pretty much exactly what Infocus has done which is displaying drag and drop icons in which the user will be able to drag them into one of the three targeted areas (columns) and then based on the icon they have chosen, the data related to that icon will display and populate the table fields that make up the column they have dropped it into.

The thing is this will be eventually database-driven, but right now my concern is just getting the thing to work by setting up the fields of data within an array, etc.

ANY HELP OR ADVICE would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you very much!!

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