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Thread: Tricks to link backs?

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    Tricks to link backs?


    I have a site, http://www.HappyDogPetSit.com and I just used the check link back tool (http://www.555webtemplates.com/backlinks-tool.asp) and there appear to be no links back to my site?

    I know of at least 2 that there should be. Is there any trick to this? I thought all I needed was my URL on another site, linking back to mine.

    I have been reading how important this is for search engine ranking and just want to be sure I am tackling it correctly.

    Thanks for any advice :-)

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    If you have a low PageRank website, the links will generally take longer to update. MSN is the fastest of indexing new pages on a regular bases and if you want to see if the link exchange is registering in MSN, type in linkdomain:http://www.yoursite.com/

    Google will not show the results until their backlink update is processed.
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    Thank you webdeveloper.com for providing these nice backlinks:
    Fotografie | Home Server (no need to click, it's for spiders )

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