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Thread: Using flat-files of databases

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    Using flat-files of databases

    Hi I am just new to file-handles and was wondering about the possible advantages using databases over using flat files for data storage.
    Which of the following is more secure (well is it possible to chmod 700 the flat-storage-file and still make it writable)

    As far as databases are concerned which technologies are better in terms of speed ,security, stability and accessibility.
    Well I have hear about Postgre and MySQL but have no idea what they are.
    Are there any *offline* documentation of moving starting off in any of these database-programming languages.

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    You can increase the security of using a flat file along with PHP by storing the file outside of the publicly available directories on your web site (e.g., not within the public_html nor public_ftp directories).

    That being said, using a database gives you more options and flexibility, both for security and general functionality (searching, ordering, grouping, multiple tables with relations). I would recommend MySQL due to its wide-spread availability, PHP's excellent support for it, and the fact that MySQL works quite well overall.

    The PHP and MySQL for Dummies book actually does a decent job of getting you up and running with the basic concepts of working in this environment, and is relatively cheap compared to similar books.
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