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Thread: Web server problem with creating/readin files

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    Web server problem with creating/readin files

    Im learning perl and have encountered a problem most likely with the way my web server is setup? The problem has just become apparant now Im try to manipulate files. The code im using is:

    open (SPUD, “>potatoes.txt”);
    print (SPUD “Maris Piper\n”);
    print (SPUD “King Edward\n”);
    close (SPUD);

    the txt file isnt been created and all im gettin is a Internal Server Error, im using apache on a win2k system and would be grateful if anyone could help me out. Do i need to alow access to something to be able to write the files? I dont know what to look for.


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    Make sure the directory you are trying to write to is not read-only.

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    Make sure you're using straight quotes and not curly ones.

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