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Thread: Please review our site

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    Arrow Please review our site

    Hello, when you have time pleases review our company’s website as below, any comments or advices would be great help to us.


    I’d like to state my thoughts about the design first and wish to get your suggestions.

    We are a web/Flash authoring software provider so I suppose:
    (1) There should be eye-catching Flash/dynamic menu on main page to expose to visitors ability of our software.
    (2) We use templates to make the website look professional.

    But we still know our site has some distance away from those famous ones (e.g. Macromedia) and we should be able to have more content in main page and each other pages and so on….

    Please let me know what you think of our site so my colleagues and I could improve with full of inspiration.

    Thank you in advance!

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    the site looks great to me apart from the 8th aniversary banner.

    its very harsh on the eyes and whenever i was on a page with it on i wanted to scroll it out of view.
    if i suffered from epilepsy id be twitching on the floor right now.

    apart from that great work.
    I can remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty.

    shepherd web design

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    Thank you very much for your suggest.
    The banner you referred to is temporary in my site,it's only in concert with our aniversary. Maybe we will change it in August. Thanks again.Hope that you can continue to pay attention to our website sincerely.

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    Hi -
    That is a really nice-looking site!
    The color scheme, graphics, flash, rollover effects - all done very well.
    My only suggestions are small ones:
    - Most recent "Journals" at the top - any dates for them?
    - In the future...no tables, just css? ;-)
    - Might want to get a !DOCTYPE declaration in there.

    Super job,

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    hi LJK,
    thinks.your suggetion is very good.
    we will add the date of our Journal and news rencently.

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