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Thread: Create Decent Calendar??

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    Create Decent Calendar??

    I'm looking for a decent calendar to offer my clients. I do a lot of my programming in HTML or ASP. I've searching on the net for an ASP calendar or web calendar. A lot of results show me this tiny little calendar that would sit inside a side-bar menu & it may have a "linked" date. If you click on the link then it may pop up a new page & tell if there's anything on that date.

    I want a calendar page that'll show a full-sized calendar, show all dates, and each box you would have the item on calendar for that peticular day. The item on that day would be a link, if clicked, @ the bottom of the calendar a full description of what that event is would appear.

    Asking for a lot? I know I could create an simple one by hand in a table, but that's not what I want. If I did it that way, every month I would have to re-create the calendar. Does anyone know of a calendar even similar to what I'm talking about? Does it exist? How can I go about creating one?

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    I think I can offer you something perfect for your needs. I have spent the last few months working on an ASP events calendar. It supports three event types, event recursion, multiday events, milestones, event printing, it supports ALL date formats and geographical locales, preferences can be programmatically set, such as the calendar width and height.

    The "donations" box is something I just added in for a client recently. Its not part of the application.

    Check out the latest version at http://www.buntinedesign.com.au/calendar_v4.51/

    It has a very extensive administration section that you can view if you like. PM or email me info[at]buntinedesign.com.au and I cn supply you with a default username and password to check it all out.

    How does that look?

    Andrew Buntine.

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