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Thread: ASP and Access 97

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    Question ASP and Access 97

    Hi there everyone i'm new here and new to asp but needing some major help.

    I have been given a project and its kinda trickie one. well here is my problem:

    The project is to have a access 97 db on the web.

    The idea is that a person can log in and view info from the db about themselfs. (only sertin fields).

    The DB is located on a single pc.

    someone told me to put the hole db on the server but then the db is on the server and thats it, and how does the person update it. the db is used on a daily bases. is there a way mabie where he can dump the db on a weekly basis and leaving the db on there pc?

    the person is willing to change hostes if need so i'm not yet worried about that i'm worried about how can this be done where is a good place to start.

    i hope this makes sence does anyone have anyideas?



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    if i were you i'd get yourself a book on programming asp's or php (but i personally like asp's cos i have some C++ background) and you'll usually find that what you're after is treated as a tutorial subject since it's pretty much the foundation from which all else follows.

    You'll also need a web hoster with a microsoft server (to run the asp's), but I'd get yourself a copy of IIS (internet information services) to run locally so that you can make sure that it works. It comes with win XP pro and win 2k, and is usually an option on server packages.

    You may want to have a look at
    ASP.net tutorials andASP resource index which both offer online tutorials and sample code to download.

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