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Thread: How to search words in text files

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    Red face How to search words in text files

    How to search words in text files even they are not in the same directory?
    If I have a website. It has some of directories in it. How to build a search page to open every each *.htm, *.html file and search key words in it? And then response the results in HTML.

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    You are talking very labor intensive process, plus JavaScript has no clue what files are in the directory. Best thing is to use a server side language to do it. If that is not possible, create a js file that has arrays (indexed data) of information that you update for every page. Search this instead of multiple pages.


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    Javascript can't read files so you will need a server side solution.

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    Eric and Stephen, Thanks for your comments. It seems that the only solution will be in server side solution.


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    What about using Text Finding? I think it is a good and easy to search word in text files.

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    becuase its a local application. he wants the results to run as the result of a user action on a web page.

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    Set up a database, far more simpler and you can have a couple of PHP scripts, one to handle the AJAX calls to it for keywords etc, another that parses a HTML page for content.

    I am assuming that your content is going to be static. If it isn't then look in to a CMS system that has the search features you need already built in.
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